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Your customer's satisfaction is our main objective.
Every last detail of each trip is carefully planned in advance.
We insure prompt budget estimates. We value your time and investment above all else.
Magister provides a personalized experience for each group and client. 


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    We have guides in English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German and they are the complete disposal of the tourist. Specialists in culture, history and geography of Spain and Portugal. All function as expert ambassadors on behalf of our clients, assuring an outstanding experience for all. This is the true key in guaranteeing a memorable journey for them.

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    We work only with restaurants that provide delectable cuisine of all ranges. Once we know the clients and their preferences, we choose from among restaurants from the most simple to the most elaborate. Yet, we guarantee that quality and price coincide to provide clients with the best value. And remember Spanish gastronomy is known worldwide for our exquisite cuisine.

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    We select our hotels with ultimate care, finding hotels that are more than "a place to spend the night". We make rigorous comparisons among different hotels in order to ensure our client's satisfaction. We also can offer monasteries and residences for your religious groups. Just let us know.

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    We use late model vehicles for all our circuits. We will inform you in advance of our vehicle specifications, providing important information to you regarding the make, model, size, class and year. We will also notify you in advance with a complete profile of the coach chauffeur. We know that he is also a very important part of the trip.

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